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Set Your Sights on Myopia Control

Nearly 30% of Canadian children are affected by myopia, or nearsightedness, and the rates continue to rise. Fortunately, recent research suggests that there are effective ways to control myopia and slow its progression.

We can help manage and control myopia with our innovative eye care solutions. It all starts with a comprehensive eye exam for your child, so book your appointment today.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, occurs during eye development. The eye grows too long, or the cornea’s shape has too much curvature. As a result, it’s harder for light to properly focus on your retina, causing blurry vision when you try to focus on distant objects. 

This vision problem often begins early in life, between 6 and 14, but it can appear at any age. Myopia may be hereditary or occur spontaneously, so when you bring your child in for an eye exam, be sure to mention your family’s eye health history. 

Some signs that your child may be starting to develop myopia include:

  • Persistent squinting
  • Sitting closer to television, whiteboard, etc.
  • Excessive blinking
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Blurred vision looking at distant objects

If you think your child may be struggling with myopia, visit us at Visus Eyewear + Eyecare.

Visus Eyewear + Eyecare Myopia Solutions

MiSight Contact Lenses

MiSight contact lenses are clinically proven to slow myopia development in children between 8 and 12 years old. In a study over 3 years, MiSight multifocal lenses effectively reduced myopia progression by 59% compared to single vision lenses.

These lenses have concentric rings that create myopic defocus, allowing images to focus in front of the retina rather than behind. This, in turn, slows the unwanted lengthening of the eye.

Research shows that low-dose atropine eye drops can aid in slowing down myopia progression. We may recommend this treatment to children who are not ready to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Zeiss MyoVision lenses are an advanced creation, especially for children with myopia. By using myopic defocus, these lenses correct the bend of light rays (refraction) on the retina. Myopic defocus slows the eye’s elongation by projecting images in front of the retina rather than behind.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Children with myopia may not have the words to explain their condition. Your best defence is to bring them in for a comprehensive children’s eye exam. The Visus Eyewear + Eyecare team can guide your little one through the process and provide customized next steps.

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