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Making Eyewear Work for You

Your eye care needs don’t end after an eye exam. As you continue wearing glasses, you’ll endure life’s ups and downs—maybe your frames no longer fit, or your dog decided to turn your glasses into their new chew toy. 

No matter the situation, Visus Eyewear + Eyecare is dedicated to helping you find eyewear that fits your lifestyle. 

Frames As Unique As You

There’s no rule saying you have to choose premade frames for your glasses. We know your glasses reveal a part of your personality, and they have to suit your beautiful face.

For ultimate satisfaction with your eyewear, we can make custom frames just for you. Visit us today to get working on your unique look.

Broken Glasses? Visus Eyewear Can Help

Uh oh! Your glasses broke because you dropped them, stepped on them, left them in extreme temperatures, or your kid was pretending to be you and—well, we know how that one ends.

Not to worry! Bring your glasses into Visus Eyewear + Eyecare for a quality repair by our skilled staff.

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Stop by our office on Upper James Street just north of Rymal Road E. We’re right off the LINC for convenient access from all over the Greater Hamilton area.

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  • 1595 Upper James St.
  • Hamilton, ON L9B 0H7

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